RusHydro is one of the largest producers of electricity from renewable energy sources in Russia and globally.

RusHydro focuses on the production of pure energy and decarbonization of energy facilities. One of the key goals of RusHydro Group is sustainable development of electricity production in the Russian Federation with a focus on pure energy. The company systematically builds up the volumes of electricity production, namely by means of improving the efficiency of existing energy facilities and commissioning of new capacities. Our priority is generation facilities using renewable energy sources, which include large and small hydro power plants as well as solar, wind, and geothermal plants.

Most electricity is generated by the Group using water, which is a renewable resource. Hydropower industry as a RES is a relevant factor in decarbonization of economics. Development of hydrogeneration ensures reduced greenhouse gas emissions in the electric power industry, which is one of the factors enabling Russia to fulfill its international obligations under the Paris Agreement. Each million kW-h generated at an HPP prevents emission of 665 tons of CO2 and saves 353 tons of coal or 268,000 m3 of gas. If the electricity produced by HPPs in Russia is replaced with generation of thermal plants, then greenhouse gas emissions in the electric power industry of our country would rise by 142 mln tons, or 38%.

On May 27, 2021, the RusHydro Board of Directors approved the Development Strategy of RusHydro Group for the period up to 2025 with a vision to 2035. The strategy is formed in the conditions of developing global energy transition consisting in changes of the energy system to form a pure, decentralized and digital power industry of the future.

Target indicators of the Group’s Environmental Policy up to 2025 include increased installed capacity of low-carbon generation, reduced direct and specific emissions of greenhouse gases, and prevention of extinction of species of various animals and plants, etc.

The company plans to become a flagship in the development of pure power industry in Russia. RusHydro Group is focused on development, modernization, and construction of new RES capacities (which now occupies 81.5% of the installed capacity), primarily hydrogeneration, including small HPPs implemented via RES capacity delivery agreement as well as solar power plants and wind power plants. Diesel generation in remote and isolated areas is now being replaced with RES facilities. The installed capacity of RusHydro Group generation facilities will exceed 40 GW. The reduction of direct emissions of greenhouse gases by RusHydro Group facilities will be 9% by 2035.

RusHydro Group focuses on building efficient communications with the investment community, increasing the market capitalization and investment attractiveness of the company as well as introducing the best practices. Integrated reporting is one of the tools for communication with the target groups. This reporting represents the results of measures taken by RusHydro, including ESG measures. For more than 15 years, the company has been following the best practices in disclosure of non-financial reports. The reports of RusHydro Group comply with the requirements of the Bank of Russia, the listing rules of the London and Moscow Stock Exchanges, the standards of GRI SRS, AA1000, UNCTAD, sustainable development, etc.

The company is one of the leaders in corporative reporting among the Russian companies. High level of information disclosure in sustainable development is confirmed by participation in ESG-ratings and rankings of the Russian and international agencies. RusHydro is traditionally a leader of sustainable development indexes “Responsibility and Transparency” and “Sustainable Development Vector”, a participant of FTSE (FTSE4GOOD Emerging Index), CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) ranking, etc.

The personnel policy of RusHydro Group is focused on social development and constant improvement of labor relations, creating conditions for efficient and safe work, career development, livable standards of living and personnel well-being. In 2021, RusHydro was the first among the electric power industry companies in the annual Rating of Russian Employers released by HeadHunter. RusHydro pays much attention to development of human resources. Apart from training and re-training of personnel, the Group implements projects aimed at personnel participation in improvement of processes, social environment in the regions where RusHydro facilities are located, implementation of volunteer and educational programs.

RusHydro implements a comprehensive charitable program in forming a favorable social environment and improving life quality in all regions where the Group operates. Its priorities are education, environment, health care, sport, culture, support of social organizations, charitable funds, non-commercial organizations and helpless citizens as well as comprehensive development of regional infrastructure. The social projects being implemented address the issues of certain areas and promote accelerated economic development and improved social environment.

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